The Mycenter-2XD SP “Spark Changer” from Kitamura

The Kitamura Mycenter-2XD SP is the latest vertical machining centre from Kitamura, offering numerous features for both high speed and heavy duty machining. This latest VMC increases spindle up-time availability using a high-speed 2 station automatic pallet changer which allows loading and unloading of workpieces when the VMC is in production – manual and automatic fixtures can be accommodated.

The machine provides a large work envelope, whilst the ‘Sparkchanger’ has been designed with all units fitting within acompact 7M² area, thus saving valuable floor space. The capacity of this twin pallet vertical machining centre has been increased by 50% over the previous similar model.

The M-2XD SP is equipped with a BBT40 12,000rpm spindle and, using a 26kW NRG drive, develops 177N.m of torque for heavy duty cutting.The 40 tool magazine is large enough to carrysufficient tools to complete complex parts and for machining multi-fixtured work pieces in a single step-up.

The machine is equipped with the latest, high speed, feature packed Arumatik-Jr CNC control system which, using a high speed Mitsubishi processor, is designed for high quality machining providing smoother surface finishes and extremely high accuracy. Standard features such as SSS (smooth surface control ) ensure high machining stability, superb accuracy and shorten machining time by up to 30%. With all these great features, complex parts for the medical industry, automotive aluminium castings and tough aerospace components can be machined consistently and in the shortest time.

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