FAT Haco’s Dealer Day in Wroclaw

FAT, part of the Haco Group, is well established in its’ production of CNC lathes and special purpose machine tools. Founded over 100 years ago and with its own foundry, comprehensive machine shop and sheet metal/paint sections, FAT produces flat-bed and slant-bed lathes from small servo controlled teaching lathes to heavy duty 4 –shear models for parts up to 100 tons in weight.

Last week, Leader CNC Technologies visited FAT Haco’s Dealer Days which were held in Wroclaw, Poland. The event had many visitors/dealers from around the world to see the latest machine tools offered by FAT Haco.

There were many items to discuss, especially about new machine tools being released and a new company acquisition by the Haco Group to complement the existing range of machine tools.

The recent introduction of the SMN range of CNC lathes, designed round a single monobloc construction bed, has been a success from an operators’ point of view as the lower centreline and closer reach to the component has greatly improved access into the work area.

The FCT/FTM range of slant bed lathes, available with tool changers, B & Y axes and retractable boring bar attachments has also seen a growth in sales, with a customers’ FTM-1000 × 7M demonstrated to those present.

The range of machine tools from the new group company, DTI, includes large special purpose CNC lathes for drum machining, rail bumpers and power generation shafts together with a number of vertical and gantry machining centres.

Watch the video below for a general view of the machine tools.

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