FAT Haco Offer Special Lathes for Heavy Duty Engineering

As well as manufacturing standard flat and slant CNC lathes, FAT Haco offer a wider range of specialised lathes perfect for the steel industry, power generation and heavy duty engineering.

The series of machines include TUR 4MN, 6MN, RMN, FTM and TUR FDD. All lathes offer high accuracy, rigidity, reliability, efficiency and precision for successful production and manufacturing. Examples of special machines delivered and already installed include;

The TUR 4MN 3000 x 22000 has been produced for an American client and has a unique bed configuration. The lathe consists of two independent beds which are mounted on a special foundation, enabling to machine shafts up to 3000 mm in diameter and 22000 mm in length.

TUR 6MN is a fully automated machine and supplied with a loading and unloading system (loading/un-loading crane). This particular machine was manufactured for a Chinese customer, designed and manufactured for mass machining of aluminium billets. Rigidity is key within the TUR 6MN as it contains two independent saddles, equipped with twin tooling systems for heavy duty machining.

TUR 4MN 11000 is perfect for insulator machining. Due to specialised machining requirements, the lathe is equipped with a movable headstock enabling it to be positioned in every position along the bed. Furthermore, the specialised lathe is equipped with a ventilated extraction hood, helping it prevent against the accumulation of swarf and dust.

TUR RMN is a milling machine which is designed for accurate and efficient machining of railway switches and crossings. Depending on its execution, the machine can be equipped with either one or two independent cross slides.

FTM 600 x 5100 has two columns and automated tool changing systems, and also a probe for tool measuring and also a direct C axis.

Finally, the deep hole drilling machine TUR FDD 100 x 6000 consists of a headstock with a chuck, a set of steady rests for supporting a workpiece, a pressurised head, and a movable tailstock. A deep hole drilling unit and a highly efficient cooling system are also fitted.

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