KDM Offering a Fantastic Range of Vertical Turning Centres!

KDM philosophy is to manufacture their range of machine tools by “Focusing on the core of productivity”. Their range of vertical turn and mill centres are of a high performance, accuracy and precision and offer fixed or elevating cross-rails. The VTL’s have been designed for maximum metal removal to an extremely high accuracy at an affordable cost.

All vertical lathe and turning centres are designed around a rigid cast iron structure, high accurate machining, high speed traverse and heavy duty turning. The machine models within the KTC/KTM range include KTC ‘turn only’ and KTM ‘turn drill’, the latter being equipped with a live spindle for drilling and tapping operations.The range includes four models – KTC/KTM-25/30, 20/26, 16/20, and 12/16.Table turning speeds are up to 1 – 600 rpm and turning diameters of Ø1.2M – 3M within the range of machines. Optional accessories include scale feedback, hydraulic chuck and cylinder, automatic tool length measurement, automatic workpiece measurement, transformer and many more impressive features that can be added to the range.

The K Series range, the newest models from KDM, includes five machines -vertical lathes and vertical turn drill centres. These cost effective models can achieve high turning capability and the KM have live spindles that perform drilling, tapping and boring operations as well as turning. The KM range is also equipped with a C axis and live spindle. All these models have been engineered with a new column design to reduce the overall machine size whilst maintaining the accuracy and quality.

Whether you produce a complex part or a repetitive batch, a KDM vertical turning lathe has the answer.

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