DMC Korea Becomes a Member Of The Fair Friend Group!

In November this year DMC Korea, a company that Leader CNC has successfully represented for many years, has joined as a full member of the Fair Friend Group, completing the merger started back in 2012.

The Fair Friends Group has 60 companies and a worldwide turn over of $2.5 billion, including machine tool and production divisions totalling $1.3 billion in sales. Production facilities are located in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, USA and Italy. FFG is well known as the most globalised leader within the machine tool sector, with sales and marketing strongly active in eight countries. In 2011 the FFG Chairman, Jimmy Chu, was nominated the most powerful businessman in China and was recognised as one of the top ten leaders in the Chinese machinery sector.

This month Leader CNC Technologies will be introducing a wide new range of machine tools from FFG DMC. The range includes CNC horizontal and vertical turning centres, tapping centres and vertical machining centres, including specialised automation for volume production. Within the FFG DMC range there are thirteen series of machine tools, all of which provide high accuracy, high quality of build and high productivity.

The DL “G” flat and slant bed gang-type lathes are designed to provide maximum volume productivity, efficiency and repeatability on small sized components by using flat dovetail platens for an almost instantaneous tool change-over. The DL “T” is a new generation of high speed precision turning centres and includes the DL “TT”- a front facing modular machine with twin spindles, twin turrets and a gantry loading robot. The DL “R”with 8” or 10” chucks offers fast productivity and reduced idle times, the roller guides specially selected for optimal heavy duty cutting. The DL “B” series of machines provide similar high accuracy and these powerful turning centres are equipped with box guideways for absolute rigidity.The DL “S” series, ranging from 10” to 32” chuck size, has a much broader range and can also offer Y axis / sub-spindle multi-tasking, combining several machining processes into only one setting.

For heavier, shorter components and ease of loading, the DL “V” series of vertical turning centres also offers high precision and accuracy, using box guideways and powerful drives to provide the necessary robustness for heavy duty machining.

The DLC, DLM, DLE series of vertical CNC ram type turning centres are available as either turn-only or with C axes and driven tools, enabling the user to select the most cost effective machine type dependent on the application and machining requirement. The rigid table base and column construction ensures both high positional accuracy and robustness for heavy duty machining.

The DMV and DMVC vertical machining centres all have wide tables that easily accommodate large workpieces and the selection of guideways, dependent on the model selected, provides the necessary speed and accuracy to ensure optimal productivity.

Finally, the DT series of tapping centres offers the best in performance with an impressive specification. To complement the expected high rapid traverse rates and fast tool changes, a high 100 N.m torque dual-contact spindle enables high metal removal rates.

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