Tees Components Invest In a Toshiba TUE-200(S)

on 3rd August 2018

To meet the ever increasing demand for its quality services, Tees Components Limited, based in Cleveland, has recently purchased a Toshiba TUE-200(S) vertical turning lathe.

Tees Components Limited is well established in Teesside, with over 54 years’ experience in offering a wide range of precision CNC machining services and components up to 70 tonnes in weight - perfect for many industries such as power generation, hard metal products, marine, gas & oil and many more. The company has been running as a family business since 1963 and operates two sites in the north east of England. Over the past few years Tees Components has invested significantly in its machining capacity, including a 5-axis CNC lathe, horizontal machining centre and now the new Toshiba VTL TUE-200(S).

The Toshiba TUE-200(S) is fitted with a live spindle, C axis table and an elevating rail, enabling the TUE-200(S) to process components up to 2M in diameter. This machine offers Tees Components high accuracy, efficiency, automatic functions and has economical solutions for your turning needs yet achieving high quality capabilities.

For further details on Tees Components Limited why not visit them at www.teescomponents.co.uk or, for further information on the Toshiba TUE-200(S) VTL, why not visit our products page for more details.