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With a footprint of 1.5M² and main/sub spindle speeds of 20,000rpm, the NN-3X sliding head is perfect for manufacturing small intricate, high complex components up to Ø3mm in diameter.... Read More

The NN-10XE2 specialises in high precision and complicated machining to a maximum component size of Ø10mm in diameter and 100mm long. Offering the latest Mitsubishi M80 control, standard access... Read More

This NN-16SB6 is a high precision and durable sliding head which is perfect for large volume production of aerospace, medical and automotive parts. There are two variants of this model, one having add... Read More

Generally similar to the B6 model, the NN-16SB7 is fitted with a sub tool post and a secondary X axis for back machining. Additionally, slotting is optionally available on the sub-spindle. The B6/... Read More

The impressive NN-20/25UB8 sliding head has options of Mitsubishi or Fanuc controls. With a capability of machining up to Ø25mm in diameter and 200mm long, the UB8 can be supplied as a non-... Read More

Considered as having the best tool layout among equivalent models, either Fanuc or Mitsubishi controls are available on the J3. With 30 front/rear tools in a combination of O.D., I.D., cross-drill and... Read More

The NN-20J3XB has a B-axis control of 0-135 degrees rotation for drilling, tapping and end milling. There are three XB variants with differing tooling layouts and configurations, selectable for provid... Read More

This best-selling model, using a horizontal tool post, dovetail structure and a highly efficient tool layout, provides maximum efficiency resulting in short cycle times and high productivity. For mach... Read More

The NN-32YB3 is a high precision and durable sliding head, perfect for volume production of difficult to cut materials in aerospace, medical and similar industries. The cast bed minimises distortion f... Read More

Similar in construction and capacity to other YB3 models, the XB has a B-axis control of 0-135 degrees rotation for drilling, tapping and end milling. The number of tools is increased to 39, making th... Read More

This NN-38UB8, fitted with the latest Mitsubishi M80 control, is the second largest of the UB8 Series and can process parts up to 260mm in length. Two variants are available, the K&K2 being equipped w... Read More