Kitamura Launch ANYWHERE REMOTE®

on 22nd February 2018

Kitamura have launched an IoT platform partnership called ANYWHERE-REMOTE®. Kitamura manufacture high quality machine tools such as horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centres and the IoT platform will help new and existing customers with monitoring their machine tool performance and production.

To explain in more detail, the IoT platform, as well as being cloud based, enables direct connectivity between various devices such as PC’s, mobile devices and smartphones. The aim of IoT within the machine tool sector is to help manufacturers get the most out of their Kitamura and other machines through constant awareness of the status of their machines in real time.

The ANYWHERE REMOTE® monitoring software suite ranges from basic “plug and play” to “full information” packages, various features being selected and customised to suit individual customers applications and requirements. Kitamura machines are fitted with an MT Adaptor and the software is powered by, and in partnership, with FactoryWiz™ Monitoring & DNC.

The CNC control system, Kitamura Arumatik-Mi®, allows the machine information such as machine alarms, cycle information, efficiency, operator intervention and messages to be sent remotely. A comprehensive individual machine and productivity status is generated, allowing review and comments. Updates include detail if the machines are running or paused, allowing intervention and errors to be easily corrected.

Allowing live data to be sent from the Arumatik-Mi control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week helps to identify and improve processes, thus providing invaluable information that will improve return on investment.

To learn more or to ask further questions of the ANYWHERE REMOTE® software, e-mail us or alternatively take a look at our fantastic range of Kitamura machine tools on the Products page.

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