Gruppo Parpas Supply TESLA with Quality Gantry Mills

on 27th February 2018

Gruppo Parpas have recently supplied three XS gantry mills to the American automotive company Tesla Motors Inc. The company design, manufacture and sell high quality luxury electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components and battery products to worldwide consumers.

A new contract and a new mould & die facility being built within Tesla resulted in the final decision to purchase three overhead gantry machines. The reason for the purchase of these Parpas XS machines is the quality of build and a number of advanced, unique technical features for highly accurate machining of automotive parts up to 5M long. The wide range of attachments, such as the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers maximum flexibility for processing large, heavy or complex components.

Gruppo Parpas, established in Italy in 1951, consists of three closely related companies – Parpas, OMV and Famu. The Group is a major manufacturer of ‘medium to large’ range of sophisticated machine tools and a supplier of gantry mills, horizontal boring machines, bed-type mills and 5-axis machines, many using linear drive technology to achieve high speeds, fast metal removing and ensuring long term reliability.

For more information on the XS and other Gruppo Parpas machine tools why not visit the Products page where you can download e-brochures.

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