Kitamura Supercell-300G - 5-Axis Horizontal Flexible Manufacturing Cell

on 10th August 2018

The Supercell-300G is a multi-pallet machine and is aimed at the unmanned machining of small, high volume components in a single set-up, eliminating work-in-progress, high inventory and constant supervision. A 20 pallet APC unit is fitted as standard, with the possibility of expansion to 40 or 80 stations. Pallets are sized at Ø200mm, and parts up to 200m high weighing 20kg can be processed.

The standard ATC capacity is 174 tools and this can be expanded to 230, 258 or 314 tools if required, which allows for more sister tooling to be used, especially when the machine is fitted with a bigger pallet station. The high machine positional accuracy of ±0.002mm is achieved by a combination of hand scraping of machine elements during manufacture, the use of 67 million pulse encoders, Heidenhein linear scale feedback on the three X, Y & Z linear axes and ball-screw cooling.

Additionally, the powerful CNC control, using a high-speed Mitsubishi processor, is fitted with SSS (Super Smooth Surface) control with 270 M/min feed with 1mm/block and 4,500 blocks/sec. The control system is equipped with many powerful functions including numerous interpolation capabilities, 5-axis machining with tool centre point control, data input/output by IC card, Ethernet and USB, and programming support functions.

The operator panel, with its large 15” display, includes a keyboard familiar to Fanuc users. The 15,200kg machine mass is indicative of its Meehanite cast robustness and construction, providing superior vibration absorption and improved surface finishes. Rapid and cutting feedrates are an impressive 60 M/min. Whilst indexing and machining, the full 4th/5th axis trunnion rotary table is supported on both ends for high accuracy and the guideways utilise heavy duty double-roller linear guides.

This combination of designs allows movement of heavy masses at high speed, ensuring long life expectancy and smooth, quiet operation. The dual-contact BBT40 20,000 rpm built-in spindle is driven by a 22kW motor provides the ability to machine a variety of exotic materials. A double –decker chip conveyor with 100µ filtration is standard, as is through spindle coolant, base wash and shower coolant.

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