New Horizontal Machining Centre from Toshiba

This year Toshiba Machine have released three models of the BM horizontal machining centre, developed and based round carefully calculated and re-designed solid cast iron structures made in Toshibas’ own in-house foundry, and integrating the latest machine tool technology with their powerful Tosnuc PX200 CNC control system.

The BM-1000 is available in three models ; the standard spindle BM-Q, the universal head BM-U and the high speed spindle BM-H. Whilst the type of spindle is selected according to the application and machining requirements, the remainder of the machine elements are common to all models, thus preserving the robust design, high quality and consistency of build, all providing exceptional machining performance.

There are six pallet sizes available dependent on fixture size and accessibility / interference zones within the working envelope – the pallet exchange system being capable of handling workpieces up to 3000kg in weight and Ø1800 in diameter × 1800mm high, irrespective of pallet size selected. There is a choice of T-slot or tap-hole pallets.

X, Y and Z axis travels are 1800/1600/1600mm respectively and, on the BM-U model, the A axis has a spindle orientation of ±95°. Rapid traverse rates are 40M/min and the machines are capable of machine feeds of 25,000mm/min.Providing that the environment is suitably controlled, linear positional accuracy is an impressive ±5µ over the full length of travel, with a repeatability of 3µ. Linear axis accuracy can be improved by the use of scale feedback if required, whilst the rotary B axis pallet indexing accuracy of ±5 arc/secs and pallet changing repeatability of 0.007mm are all achievable provided loads are evenly distributed.

The BM-Q model is fitted with a Ø200mm stroke W axis quill for improved reach and has a BBT50 face/taper contact spindle running at 6000rpm, developing 1600N.m of torque using a 30kW motor. The spindle is cooled using a chiller unit and a high power spindle is available for heavier cutting.

The BM-U model is fitted with a rotary A axis head with a spindle speed of 12000rpm, driven by a 64kW motor developing 236N.m of torque. The head indexes at ±95° from the horizontal plane presenting an angular approach to workpieces for compound work and providing improved tool clearance.

The BM-H high speed model is fitted with an HSK63A spindle running at a speed of up to 20000rpm. The spindle is driven by a 51kW motor developing 89N.m of torque.

The 35000kg machine mass is indicative of its robust and rigid structure and, as a result of careful structural design based on overt 40 years of experience on building machining centres, Toshiba have kept the BM-Q size down to 5.5M wide and 8M deep – resulting in a low 800kg/M² floor loading.

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