Coming Soon the Toshiba TUE-200(S) Vertical Boring Centre

This March, the Toshiba TUE-200(S) vertical boring centre from Japan will arrive at our Nuneaton headquarters and we will be able to demonstrate its superb quality, accuracy and high quality turning capability. For efficient machining, the rigid table is constructed of ample strength and size. It is supported on a combination of a large-diameter thrust ball-bearing to carry the load and a tapered roller bearing to guarantee radial accuracy. The maximum table speed is 240 rpm and the TUE has a maximum load capacity of 15 tons.

TUE 200(S) has many standard features and accessories, including an elevating cross-rail, 18 position tool changer, automatic slide way lubrication, four jaw independent chuck, steel telescopic slide covers, splash cover and installation pads. For turning tools, the spindle uses face & taper location and the live spindle uses the compatibleBT50 taper with a speed of 3000rpm. The 'S' model, with its positional C-axis and driven tool capability, can be supplied with probes, auto tool measurement, angle heads, through spindle coolant and other options.

Watch the TUE-200(S) being demonstrated at one of our customers.

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