Kitamura - Even More Performance and Reliability Offered!

Earlier this month, Leader CNC attended the annual seminar where all Kitamura European Dealers come together and get the latest updates about new features and models from the Japanese Team led by their President, Dr.Aki Kitamura. Kitamura specialise in producing only machining centres and offer a wide range of high performance vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machine tools, with great emphasis placed on their ability in designing and manufacturing high quality machine tools with absolute accuracy, rigidity, performance and reliability.

Designed to streamline the machining process for ultimate productivity, Kitamura machines incorporate many features offered as options by other makers. In adopting a ‘True Geometric Accuracy’ concept, all machines are built to achieve total accuracy without relying on electronic compensation. Likewise, the mechanical structures and elements used during build guarantee long term reliability, irrespective of the application.

High rigidity is achieved by the use of a solid column construction in high grade meehanite and, wherever possible, solid box guide ways that deliver maximum anti-vibration capabilities, a superior surface finish and longer tool life. The full support and zero overhang design guarantees static accuracies of ±0.002mm over the full axis strokes. High quality craftsmanship, including hand scraping of matching surfaces,pays high attention to detail during the assembly process.

Solid box ways rapid feed rates have been gradually getting better throughout the years. Development at Kitamura has seen this grow from 24 M/min in 1991, 30 M/min in1995, 50 M/min in 1999 and 60 M/min in 2014, a truly impressive performance on solid box ways. Advances have also been made in matrix style tool changers ( (+300 tools ), field retrofittable multi-pallet systems for unmanned operation, twin cooled ball screw technology, thermal sensor compensation, single piece slideway covers – all improvements and enhancements to give flexibility and reliability.

Improved machining performance is also high on Kitamura’s priority list. Gear driven spindles deliver both high speed and maximum power – almost two machines in one.These have been steadily improved since 1992, then using a BT40 @ 10,000rpm with a2-step gear driven spindle, with further developments through the 1990’s and early 2000’s, with machines now available in various derivatives and combinations of 8,000~30,000rpm, BT/HSK, 4-step gear drives and motors developing high torque / high power.

As well as outlining new developments and improvements to existing models, Kitamura informed all of new models for 2017. New horizontal models will be Mycenters HX250iG, HX300iG, HX400iG and HX500iG, all with ultra fast 4th B-axis direct drive systems up to 300rpm and bigger work envelopes. New multi-pallet Supercell and Bridge machines are also available.

More information on these machines will be coming soon, but take a look at the Mycenter-HX250iG in action.

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