FAT Haco’s Open House in Switzerland

This coming May, in Switzerland, FAT Haco’s Dealer Argonag, will be holding an open house at its’ premises in Affoltern.

FAT, part of the Haco Group, is well established in its production of CNC lathes and special purpose machine tools. Founded over 100 years ago and with its own foundry, comprehensive machine shop and sheet metal/paint sections, FAT produces flat-bed and slant-bed lathes from small servo controlled teaching lathes to heavy duty 4 –shear models for parts up to 100 tons in weight.

The open house will be showing one of FAT Haco’sTUR MN 630 x 2000 lathe. The lathe can be equipped with a simplified control panel consisting of push-buttons and a joystick, similar to those fitted on the SC range of servo-controlled lathes, enabling the lathe to be operated in a simple conventional way.

The open house will commence the 2nd to 5th May, for details on the event or alternative FAT Haco machine tools visit our products page or alternatively follow us on Twitter for regular updates on events.