Kitamura Exhibit in South Africa

During this week and to promote their global presence, Kitamura are exhibiting at Machine Tools Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa. Machine Tools Africa is set to be the biggest trade exhibition of its kind in Africa, attracting visitors from many adjoining countries.

The exhibition will show various items such as cutting tools, conventional and CNC machine tools, measuring instruments, probing systems, sheet metal technology and many more relating to various manufacturing industries. This international show is aimed at promoting sales, generating valuable leads and establishing connections from all around the world and should prove a great investment for exhibitors, and will help to enhance Kitamuras’ reputation as a world leader in quality machine tool manufacture.

Kitamura will take this valuable opportunity to inform all of what they can offer in the way ofCNC machine tools and technical support. For more information and regular updates on other events at which Kitamura will be exhibiting follow us on Twitter or, for information specific to Machine Tools Africa, visit