The new Unika by Gruppo Parpas available now!

The new OMV Unika travelling column machining centre, especially designed for blade and blisk manufacture, was launched this year. This machine is equipped with either twin opposed rotary tables for blades or a rotary trunnion for blisks. The Unika has rapid rates of 60M/min and is fitted with a continuous rotary spindle with 20,000rpm.

The Unika replaces the well established Blader gantry mill, already successfully installed in many prestigious aerospace companies.

Demonstrated at the IMTS show this year were two Gruppo Parpas machines. Both the Diamond Linear and the Roller are gantry mills, each equipped with features designed to meet individual customer requirements and applications.

During the exhibition, discussions were held with customer representatives from aerospace, power generation and oil and gas industries. Gruppo Parpas also exhibited the same machines at the AMB Show this year and they are available ex stock. Leader CNC Technologies are looking forward to IMTS in 2016. For more information visit our products page.