Gruppo Parpas success in aerospace composites!

Gruppo Parpas, one of Leader CNC principal suppliers, has installed two large 5 axis gantry mills, with another due this year, to companies within the AIP Aerospace Tooling Group. With the move towards achieving fuel savings in aviation, composites are becoming more widely used, leading to the need to manufacture large moulds, high quality tooling and also to machine large components in Invar, aluminium, steel and carbon composites.

The Gruppo Parpas models selected by AIP to add to the already existing sophisticated state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment are the three 5 axis XS gantry mills. The machines already installed have 18M and 12M long tables and single spindle heads. Due for installation this year is an 18M XS Duplex machine having two independent spindle heads for improved productivity.

Due to the high accuracy required for machining large expensive complex components, the XS is equipped with a patented thermal control system which keeps the structure of the machine at a constant controlled ambient temperature. The structures of the machine are designed to a double wall box concept and the slideways are internally circulated with a cooling liquid to maintain a constant temperature, ensuring mechanical stability. Strategically placed thermal sensors are monitored by the CNC control system to guarantee volumetric accuracy.

“We made the investment in these extremely precise, high velocity milling machines to increase our capacity and deliver on the higher quality requirements that our aerospace customers expect” – Mr Walsh – Chief Operating Officer.

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