Engineering Solutions Success on DMC Machines

Engineering Solutions, based in Newbury, have recently moved premises with the intention of improving productivity. The company produces prototypes and small batch work to the food, security, packaging and agricultural industries -all with the expectation of short lead times. Earlier this year, in order to help introduce larger batch work and improve run times, Engineering Solutions purchased two DMC machines, a DL21LMA and a DM50V.

Neil Hutt, Workshop Manager of Engineering Solutions:“We looked at a variety of other machines from leading OEMs and it was a compromise between speed, capability, build quality, and rigidity. The DMC range unequivocally offered the best combination of these attributes within our budget. The Dl21LMA turning centre with barfeed has given us the ability to run longer batches in the 500 off range, which we couldn’t previously quote for competitively. Added to this, it has an extremely rigid build quality and tooling turret that can accept up to 12 driven tools. This has slashed cycle times, especially on parts that required secondary milling operations.”

The DMC machines have helped Engineering Solutions by their ease of use and improved set-ups. Reduced cycle times allow the machines to be unmanned, allowing staff to complete other tasks.

Nick Wright, Managing Director of Engineering Solutions: “We have enjoyed considerable success down the years and when I initially took the reins, I had a 6 year plan but the strategy has moved at a rapid pace and the goals have been exceeded in a much shorter time frame. This year, we moved from our 4500 sq/ft leasehold facility to a new 7000sq/ft freehold site and within a month of moving we took delivery of a new turning centre and machining centre from Leader CNC”.

The DMC machines are equipped with a Fanuc 0iTD control system, hydraulic chuck, tailstock and a Renishaw tool probing system. They have vastly improved capability and processing times, helping the company to go from running small to medium batches of parts to ones of up to 500 and more.

“As we become increasingly competent on both machines, the more we are witnessing benefits such as increased capacity, productivity, capability and precision. Added to this, the two DMC machines are allowing us to expand into new markets – something that will develop company growth as we move forward” – Neil Hutt.

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