Goodwin International’s number of Toshiba continues to grow

Goodwin International, based on a 4.5 acre site in Stoke-on-Trent,has recently invested in six more Toshiba machines, adding to their current total of seventeen Toshiba installations. With the increase in UK manufacturing and a higher demand in productivity, the site is open seven days a week with minimal shut down, being able to supply and manufacture parts to power generation, petro chemical, structural and oil & gas sectors.

The current machine total includes nine horizontal borers, a twin pallet gantry mill, a machining centre and six vertical lathes, the first of which was installed over twenty years ago and still in production. Three new large BTD-130H.R22 horizontal borers are being currently installed.

Due for delivery and installation in 2015 are three MP-2620(U) 5-axis gantry mills – these being equipped with a Ø2M turning table and a bi-directional contouring head. The addition of these six new machines will make Goodwin International the largest world-wide user of Toshiba machines.

The reason why prestige users such as Goodwin International continue to invest in Toshiba machine tools is their long term reliability. The quality of the machines is maintained by Toshiba manufacturing the majority of components in house, with the additional benefit of Toshiba having their own foundry and electronics division.

Leader CNC Technologies is Toshiba Main Dealer for central Europe. Since the 1970’s, over 550 Toshiba machines have been installed in what is now Leader territory and those still running are supported on engineering by Leader CNC, particularly on the CNC control and system breakdowns.

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