Introducing the new bridge type Kitamura
Bridgecenter-6G machining centre

To manufacture large components with productivity levels that are only available from Kitamura, Leader CNC is now introducing the new bridge type Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G machining centre.

The Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G is built around a highly rigid double housing structure for extreme cutting capacity, regardless of material or machining conditions. The construction of the double column bridge type machine consists of a high gradeMeehanite bed casting with square section support columns incorporating a triangular section cross beam.

Resting upon this reassuringly well built base is a 1.8M by 900mm tablewith the capacity to accept parts up to 3000kg. With an X, Y and Z-axis working area of 1530 by 1095 by 710mm respectively, the Bridgecenter-6G is ideal for machining medium and large parts.This remarkable design provides maximum rigidity to achieve high cutting load characteristics beyond any other machine tool in its size range.

To deliver productivity and capability levels to suit the end user, Leader CNC offers the Bridgecenter-6G in two spindle configurations. For the machining of components that require a high spindle speed at relatively lower cutting depths, the Bridgecenter-6G is available with a BT40 taper spindle with a speed range of 40 to15,000rpm, driven by a direct coupling by a15kW motor.

For end users that demand a more powerful spindle for larger, more robust machining processes, Leader CNC can supply the Bridgecenter-6G with a BT50 spindle taper and a 35 to 12000rpm speed range. With its gear driven 22kW motor, this spindle configuration is available with an overwhelming amount of torque throughout the speed range to deliver optimal material removal rates.

The robust and powerful spindle motors are complemented by a maximum cutting feed rate of 24m/min, which ensures rapid material removal rates regardless of application or material. To optimise flexibility and deliver market leading machine utilisation rates, the Bridgecenter-6G has a 40 tool storage capacity with the option of 60 or 80 tools that are randomly and bi-directionally selected to minimise chip-to-chip time. The tool carousel can accept a maximum tool diameter of 75 to 125mm on a BT40 machine, whilst the BT50 spindle taper accepts tools from 125 up to 225mm diameter. The machine can accept tool weights of 10 and 20kg respectively for the BT40 and BT50 machines.

This robust machine has been designed to provide optimal performance, the design characteristics and build quality are apparent with its 16,000kg mass and a footprint of 3.8 by 4.86M. Driving this powerhouse is Kitamura’s innovative Arumatik-Mi CNC control unit. With ease of use at the heart of its design, the Arumatik-Mi incorporates visual work setting screens, maintenance support functions, video guidance, collision safety guidance and high precision contour control that are all presented through a user friendly 19inch monitor.

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