Interview with the president of FAT Haco -
Mr. Gaby Joye

Fabryka Automatow Tokarskich in Wroclaw is a part of Belgian HACO group. FAT is an industry leader in the Polish and European market.

Could you tell us a few words about history and the profile of the company? What were the most important moments in the company’s development?

Gabriel Joye: FAT started its manufacturing operation in 1945. Since then it has been constantly improving its work in this industry. In the course of time production profile has changed and there have been organization and ownership changes. The most important moment in last year’s was undoubtedly acquisition of the company by HACO group in 1998. The acquisition led to many investments and commencement of manufacture of modern lathes on the highest technological level.

How did your company build customer trust? What factors were major to build this trust?

FAT company from the very beginning has put a lot of focus on quality. FAT brand is associated with very good, reliable product. In the world our lathes are regarded as technologically advanced, European product. Another important factor is competitive price. In spite of strong competition, thanks to our customers’ trust we strengthen our position in the market. We cooperate only with trusted companies which are able to provide fast and professional service to end users.

What accounts for strategic potential of the company?

Our biggest potential is our employees. The most crucial factors which contribute to our success are cooperation among all departments, responsibility and staff engagement. Projects of new machines, construction, and production of majority of parts, assembly and tests are made in our factory.

The company is a leader in manufacturing conventional and CNC lathes. Which products are at the moment the most important and why?

We consider all lathes equally serious. Our product is targeted at individual customer and tailor –made to meet their expectations. When we introduce new machines, we never forget about those produced so far. Because of economic reasons we concentrate on CNC lathes. We implement up to date new technical trends which can improve efficiency and functionality of our lathes. What matters the most is customer’s expectations and their satisfaction.

How would you describe the company in three words?

Quality, solidity and reliability.

What are you the most proud of?

We are very proud of the fact that we managed to come into being on the very demanding international market at a short time as a significant lathe producer. We successfully compete with the world tycoons of the industry.