Kitamura launch new machines for 2015!

With a footprint of 5.5M², the Mycenter 3XD has the largest work envelope in its class with X, Y and Z travels of 760/510/510mm respectively and is capable of handling loads of 800kg. Its performance is equally impressive – the BBT 40 taper spindle, having a speed of 12,000rpm, being driven by a 22kW motor developing 150N.m of torque.

Also to be launched this year is the Supercell-300G, based on the proven Supercell series on the market since 1985. In its standard configuration the Supercell-300G features a 20 pallet pool with workpiece ID, a 5 axis trunnion tilting table, ballscrew cooling and a 168 position matrix type ATC. With rapid traverse rate of 60M/min and fast tool/pallet change times, the Supercell-300G is driven by Kitamura’s own powerful Arumatik CNC control.

As part of continuing development, the Bridgecenter-10 is to be equipped with an articulating A and C axis spindle head, giving the machine full 5 axis capability. The Bridgecenter-10 has a 3,500 x 1,370 mm table capable of handling a 5,000kg load. The high speed 20,000rpm HSK-A63 spindle provides extra strength and is driven by a 34kw motor developing 91N.m of torque.