FAT Haco announce an upgrade to the TUR!

FAT Haco has announced an upgrade to one of their most popular machines - the TUR 800/930/1100 MN model. The new lathe, designated TUR SMN, provides exceptional stability, high precision and long term reliability, primarily due to the use of single-piece castings manufactured in FAT’s own foundry. The improved TUR SMN also has some great new features;

- Double wall support under the front V-guide way

- The machine bed is of mono-block execution for increased stability

- Lathes up to 10M between centres are built on a single piece bed casting

- Access holes for inserting lifting bars are cast into the bed for easy transport

- The spindle centre line is lower which improves operator access and loading

- The control panel is movable along a top rail for minimal interference

- Drive to the Z-axis ball screw is transmitted through a gearbox

- The maximum turning length is increased from 6M to 10M

- Spindle bore diameters of up to Ø320mm are available

- New design of spindle and bearings will allow higher spindle speeds

- An option of Ø1200mm swing over the bed is available

- Chip conveyor is rear mounted for easy access and maintenance

- A TUR 4 SMN version has 4 guideways for separating carriage/steady movements

- A telescopic total guarding enclosure is available

The standard TUR MN model will still be available, giving our customers the choice between the more conventional well proven design or the new upgraded machine.

For more information on the FAT Haco range visit the Products page.