More efficient Toshiba MPJ gantry mills

In conjunction with completion of the extension to the Gotemba factory assembly bays, Toshiba Machine has re-designed and added to the range of bridge type machining centres. The MPJ range uses smaller, energy efficient hydraulic units and less power and air, reducing overall energy consumption by 25%.

Having analysed and re-designed the machine structure, the new MPJ uses up less floor area whilst providing the flexibility of 5-face machining through a number of automatically loaded attachments. Table sizes range from 2M×4M to 3M×6M and components up to 30 tonnes can be processed for industries such as mould & die, power generation and aerospace.

The MPJ range of mid-sized gantry mills complements the slightly larger MPC-EII Series with greater capacity, these also being available with similar attachments, including a pallet changer. MG bridge mills up to 20M in length are available for aerospace, construction and similar structural parts.

For more information on the MPJ range and other gantry mills visit the Products page.