The Impressive Gantry Mills From Gruppo Parpas

Leader CNC Technologies newest principal, Gruppo Parpas, was established in Italy in 1951 as a manufacturer of specialised pantographs/copying machinery. Since then, Gruppo Parpas has developed into one of the major manufacturers of medium to large CNC metal cutting machine tools and an important supplier of sophisticated 5 axis machines to a diverse number of industries.

TThe XS gantry mill, having benefitted from continuous development since 1996, has vastly improved structural elements and thermal stability features, all resulting in improved machine kinematics and performance. The XS gantry mill can machine parts up to 20M long using a wide range of tools and attachments. It also has the capability of interchanging high speed/torque spindle cartridges, offering maximum flexibility for processing heavy and complex components.

The Aero gantry mill is generally based on the XS configuration and is specifically modified for the machining of large flat components. The distance between columns is up to 8M and the length of the table base, generally starting at 6M, is virtually unlimited. The full 5 axis head is fitted as standard and other attachments are available.

The Diamond gantry style 5 axis machining centre is perfect for manufacturing of moulds, dies and complex aerospace components. The fixed table and moving gantry design permits loads of up to 20 tons to be processed. For ultra high speed movement, a Diamond Linear model is also available with linear motors on three machine axes and torque motors for the rotary axes.

Gruppo Parpas gantry mills offer perfect solutions for aerospace, automotive, die & mould, power generation and general engineering.

This October Gruppo Parpas exhibited at the EMO exhibition in Milan, showing the XS, Diamond 30, Roller and the brand new Dinamika! Their wide range of machine tools is suitable for applications where high accuracy, maximum metal removal and reliability are essential.

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