The Re-designed TUR 800/930/1100 SMN For Higher Performance!

FAT Haco, a long established manufacturer based in Poland, offers a great range of CNC lathes from simple servo-controlled models to very high duty and special purpose machines. Their range of lathes offers high precision, high accuracy and high performance.

The existing TUR MN series has now been re-designed and offers an improved specification and more features. The new TUR SMN offers a wide range of steadies, turret combinations, boring/milling heads and other options to suit different machine applications and will increase the volume of parts manufactured, either as one-offs or small batches.

The TUR SMN is of a cast mono-block ergonomic construction with a double wall under the front V way and a low centreline, providing more support for the carriage and workpiece whilst allowing the operator closer access to the component.

A re-designed gearbox provides greater torque and higher spindle speeds and the headstock is available with bores up to Ø320mm. Improvements have been made to the Z axis drive, control panel and machine capacity – workpieces of up to Ø1200 × 16M can be processed.

A 4-guideway version, the TUR 4 SMN, has even greater capability, the 37kW motor developing a massive 10,000 N.m of torque and the machine is capable of handling weights of 8000kg without steadies.

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