New Toshiba HBM With Patented Features of Flexi-Drill and Orbit Boring

With the benefits of high accuracy linear scales, programmable W axis quill and a floor area of only 16 M², the BTD-100.R12 horizontal borer can swing exceptionally large parts weighing 4 tonnes. The standard full B axis provides rotary milling capability, whilst two patented Toshiba options replace the need for the use of many special angle heads, facing heads and bespoke tooling to generate common features found on most components.

The orbit boring function, achievable due to twin Y axis ball-screw drives, uses software to synchronise spindle rotation and circular interpolation, enabling face & taper cutting, grooving, spiral movement and threading to be generated with a single point cutting tool. Besides the obvious saving on the number of tools and hence the frequency of tool changes, complicated U-axis mechanisms are avoided and, when used with spindle probes, offset compensation is automatic.

The flex-drill is a patented articulated tool-holder made by Toshiba which, when used in conjunction with 3-dimensional co-ordinate conversion and a special macro, enables the machine to drill any angular holes up to 40° from straight centreline, thus dispensing with the need for many angle heads.

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