FAT Haco’s Success to Continue in 2016

FAT Haco is a long established manufacturer based in Poland who offers a great range of CNC lathes, all built to high precision to provide accuracy and optimum performance.

This year has been a great year for FAT Haco with many new machine tools being produced, such as the re-designed TUR 800/930/1100 SMN which provides even better performance! The TUR SMN is of a cast mono-block ergonomic construction with a double wall under the front V way and allow closer access to the component. FAT Haco also designs and manufactures complete machining lines.

As a mark of its success, FAT Haco has installed a large automatic peeling machine line in China that has taken nearly half a year to complete. The turnkey project is now ready from production and the line contains a semi-automatic crane for loading billets, the loading station, a CNC crane for loading into a TUR 6MNx3000 heavy duty lathe, an offloading CNC crane and an output rolling table.

As part of its active European sales strategy, Dormac, the sales representatives of FAT Haco in the Dutch market, recently organised a two day open house, attracting many visitors from the Netherlands and other countries. Two FAT Haco CNC lathes were exhibited, a TUR MN 630 x 2000 and a TUR MN 1350 x 8000. Both machines made quite an impression and attracted a great deal of interest, especially the heavy duty lathe, the TUR MN 1350.

Early in the New Year FAT Haco will be showing their new TUR 930 SMN X 3000 in the following exhibitions - Metav-Germany, Techni Show-Holland, Industrie-Paris and ElmiaVertktygsmaskiner-Sweden. With increased activity on larger machines foreseen for the UK in 2016 due to proposed announcements in the power generation, rail and transportation industries, Leader CNC will also be promoting the heavier range of machines.

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