Kitamura offers a wide range of machine tools for your 2016 production needs!

With 2016 already in full swing and manufacturing improving, a great way to enhance your production requirements and improve profitability is to invest in a Kitamura machine.

Kitamura Machinery offers a wide range of high performance and high accuracy vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machine tools.

5-axis machining centres include the Mytrunnion 1, Mytrunnion5, M-4XT and the latest machine tool, the Mycentre-4G. This range of machine tools combines heavy cutting, speed and precision with the advantage of having easy operator access with the CNC controller being within the body of the machine. Their compact design also means that valuable floor area is kept to a minimum.

Kitamura’s 45 years of bridge type machine tool manufacturing has resulted in a class leading structure, combining high rigidity, precision and speed. The range includes the Bridgecentre 10, Bridgecentre 8F and the recently launched Bridgecentre 6G. This latest model is built around a highly rigid double housing structure and designed for maximum cutting capability.

The Kitamura range of horizontal machine tools should be seriously considered if precision prismatic part machining is required. The G Series of twin-pallet horizontal machining centres has pallet sizes from 250 x 250mm (the smallest on the market) to 1250 x 1250mm (capable of accepting a load of 3 tons/pallet). All are equipped with a full rotary B axis, through spindle coolant, rigid slide ways and a full swarf management system.

Multi pallet systems are another great investment that offers savings in time, manpower and tooling costs. The 5 axis SC400 Supercell achieves a considerable reduction in set ups, provides the capability of unmanned machining and ensures part integrity due to single set-ups all add up to a consequent reduction of expensive inventory. Multi-pallet systems are also available on other Kitamura models.

Kitamura vertical machining centres are designed for maximum metal removal by using high precision box guideways guaranteed for five years, if properly maintained. Maximum productivity is assured by high rapid rates, high power, high torque and a high speed CNC processor.

The Kitamura jig boring centre is based on the Mycentre series of vertical machine tools. The Jigcentre 5 offers ultra-high precision with a standard accuracy of 0.001mm over full axis strokes. Box slide ways, linear scales, a 20,000 rpm gear driven spindle and ballscrew cooling are all standard features.

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