FAT Haco Introduce New Solutions!

To overcome two problems often encountered on flat-bed lathes, but also available on slant-bed machines, FAT Haco have designed a retractable measuring arm and a hydrostatic steady rest.

When not required and to keep it clean of swarf and coolant, the measuring arm is hidden within the spindle headstock behind an automatically actuated door. The arm is extended into the working area above the spindle when required, enabling it to measure tools with a work piece already loaded. Manual tool setting is eliminated, reducing operator intervention, the other advantages of this device being high accuracy with automatic tool offset calculation and valuable time saving.

Workpiece surface damage, particularly when locating on ground surfaces such as bearing journals and critical datum diameters, can be eliminated by the use of hydrostatic steady rests, the oil film protecting the surface from direct contact when using standard rollers or pads. Designed for the TUR MN, 3MN and 4MN machine ranges where longer workpieces are usually processed, the new FAT Haco hydrostatic steady rests come in different sizes. Besides maintaining the integrity of workpiece surface, the hydraulic rests are extremely rigid, maintenance free and provide long life accuracy.

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