FAT Haco Install A Customised TUR PMN 710 x 4000!

In response to a customer request to turn thin-wall aluminium pipes without distortion, FAT Haco built and installed a customised machine fitted with features to suit this delicate application.

The machine is designed for high efficiency and performance and is equipped with an automated system for quick loading and clamping of the workpiece. The workpiece is loaded into the machine through the large spindle-bore, machined, parted-off and finally retrieved by a part-catcher mounted on the carriage.

To prevent distortion of the ductile workpiece during machining, a pneumatic follow-rest with Teflon insets is mounted on the saddle. The workpiece is additionally supported by specially designed hydraulic tailstock with a long stroke. The tailstock quill has built-in bearings and a flange prepared for mounting either a pneumatic chuck or an automatically expanding mandrel.

A video of the machine is available to view on