Kitamura to launch more high precision machine tools

At a Dealers Seminar recently held in Dusseldorf, Kitamura Machinery announced a great range of new and improved machine tools to be introduced throughout this year. The following nine machine tools will be added to the existing range - Mycenter HX400G, Mycenter HX800G, Mytrunnion 7G,Bridgecenter 8G,Bridgecenter 12G, Mycenter 4XiD, Mycenter 2XD SP, Mycenter 3XT and Mycenter 500G.

Firstly, the Mycenter HX400G horizontal machining centre will have a new faster ATC with a tool-to-tool time of 1.3 seconds a chip-to-chip time of2.5 seconds. The HX400GII has a redesigned servo driven B axis with a rotational speed of 125rpm, 2640N.m rotational torque and increased clamping power. With zero backlash, the new design of the 4th axis offers more stability and higher levels of rigidity and accuracy. A rotary scale is standard and up to 300 ATC is available as an option.

The Mycenter HX800G horizontal machining centre has a new rapid feedrate of 60M/min, faster than the previous model at 50M/min, and the table load has increased from 2000kg to 3,000kg.

The Mytrunnion 7G is a full 5-axis machining centre with a large work area, an inbuilt rotary table of Ø1,000mm and capable of processing a maximum workpiece size of Ø1,170mm x Ø740mm weighing 20,00kg. The highly rigid trunnion table uses an ultra-high precision roller gear cam mechanisms in the 4th and 5th axes, this construction providing robust zero backlash performance. The 12000rpm high speed, high torque spindle is fitted within a long spindle nose for less interference.

Kitamura have been manufacturing Bridgecentres for over 80 years. In 1948 Kitamura developed the large open sided planer then, in 1982, the Jigcenter 7. Other similar machine tools followed and, in 1948 and 2006 respectively, the Bridgecenter-8 and Bridgecenter-10 were manufactured.

The new Bridgecenter 8G and the 12G double column machining centres both provide high precision machining capability. The new Bridgecenter 8G offers 40 tools and an impressive feedrate of 24M/min, linear scale feedback being standard with the high-speed processor ArumatikMi control. Another great advantage to this year’s model is 23% less floor space than the previous machine tool. The Bridgecenter 12G, a larger gear driven double column machining centre, provides 12,000rpm spindle speed and a tool storage of up to 80 tools. A full 5-axis Bridgecenter 12G with an articulating head used for inclined surfaces and compound angles is also to be introduced.

The Mycenter 4XiD vertical machining centre has been re-designed and has left and right hand models available for cells with reduced manning. The machine covers have been improved to enable much easier access to parts and tooling within the work envelope.

The Mycenter 2XD SP vertical machining centre is a rotating twin pallet, linear guideway model with larger axis strokes than the previous M-2XiF SP. Using an NRG high efficiency drive system, it develops a maximum of 177 N.m of torque with 40% more efficiency than a typical belt drive. Tool to tool is an impressive 1.9 seconds and a 40 position ATC is standard, with a maximum tool weight 7kg.

Other models due to be introduced are a Mycenter 3XT, a 5-axis vertical machining centre with a rigid built-in tilting table and a large work envelope. Finally, the improved Mycenter HX500G machining centre is now available with 40 or 50 spindle taper and the world’s fastest 60 M/min rapid feedrate on boxways.

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