Gruppo Parpas Helps Manufacturer Fighter Jet Parts!

Lockheed Martin, a major manufacturer of fighter jet components, has selected and installed Gruppo Parpas machines linked with a Fastems system for machining of F-35 Lightning 2 fuselage parts.

There are various stages in the production of the main fuselage, the first stage involving the loading of the frame onto‘Lucy’ – an automatically rotating / elevating load and unload station. Frames are then processed through the various machining and cleaning cells, final skin installation and then completion. The Gruppo Parpas machine tools form an integral part of the flow line and perform the highly accurate machining of the structures.

The robotic stages and speed of the machines all help improve accuracy, precision, saving time and money, all critical elements of the total production process. The linking together of robotics and machine tools results in far great productivity and has helped Lockheed Martin by reducing throughput time from 132 to 98 hours, a saving of 26%. Moving critical aeroplane parts with speed, accuracy and safety can be expensive; however, Lockheed Martin has made this more affordable by investing in high precision Gruppo Parpas machine tools, tooling pre-setting stations, cleaning booths, planned preventative maintenance and robotics, all making the production of the F-35 more affordable.

Watch the video below to see the process of fuselage parts.

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