Toshiba’s Brand New Horizontal Milling & Boring Machine

This spring, Toshiba released their newest horizontal milling and boring machine, BSF-150C. The new model has been re-engineered for improvements in performance and flexibility, offering many advantages for machining medium to large sized components.

This new machine is perfect for aerospace, power generation, construction and marine parts,being equipped with a selection of features and options dependent on the application. Higher rapid and feed traverse feeds, coupled with a selection of spindle speeds to suit the material to be machined, optimise machine time and providethe best cutting performance.

When manufacturing large complex components,it’s important to have high rigidity, high accuracy and the right machine features in order to get the best results and machine performance. With many automated options and accessories such as universal heads, long reach snouts and facing attachments, unnecessary set-ups are eliminated and the use of man-power is optimised. Another useful option is to have a longer extended 380mm square ram which provides high rigidity and excellent long reach work piece accessibility. Workpieces are loaded on to floor plates, movable rotary tables or indexers enabling all-round accessibility.

The spindle head is equipped with a gravity centre compensating device which helps counteract the primary cause of ram sag as the ram moves out. The BSF-150C automatically adjustsdeviation when this happens to help achieve precise parts.

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