FAT Haco’s Newest Machine FTM 700 x 7100 Lathe & TUR 3MN!

This year FAT Haco are continuing to grow their range of machine tools with even more quality, innovation and high precision. The successful completion of one of their latest machine tools, an FTM 700 x 7100 slant-bed lathe, was announced by FAT Haco earlier this month.

This heavy duty turning centre has already been built for a customer and is currently being installed and prepared for production in the customer’s newest plant. Amongst its many great advantages and features, the long bed FTM 700 x 7100 is equipped with a special boring bar attachment for deep hole boring operations. The boring bar attachment is mounted on a swivelling base that lets the tool to be put into a parked position whilst using the main turret and its design allows for machining holes up to 120 mm in diameter and 1000 mm in length.

Technical parameters include;

  • Swing over bed: Ø700 mm
  • Distance between centres: 7100 mm
  • Max weight between centres: 6500 kg
  • Main drive power (S1): 51 kW
  • Max turning torque:4500 N.m
  • Spindle bore: Ø140 mm
  • FAT Haco have announced they will be showing another new machine tool, the TUR 3MN, at AMB Stuttgart this September. The machine has been designed around the current TUR 4MN, a heavier version of the new lathe.

    The TUR 3MN offers a three guideway bed and is available in two versions, depending on the headstock, spindle and tailstock configurations (standard or medium duty). This type of bed/carriage design allows tools to be driven past steady rests, allowing long and n parts to be turned whilst fully supported along their entire length without interference.

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