Kitamura Mytrunnion 4G’s Arrived This Week!

This week, two newly developed Kitamura Mytrunnion-4G 5-axis vertical machining centres have been delivered into our Nuneaton showroom. The 4G machine is ideal for high precision 5-axis machining, with the sliding overhead doors providing easy access for loading and unloading of workpieces up to a diameter of Ø550mm, 400mm high and weighing up to 200kg.

This super accurate 5-axis machining centre is perfect for production of small to medium complex parts in a single set-up. The highest grade of meehanite cast iron is used for its construction, providing superior vibration absorption and resulting in improved surface finishes. The new arrival has a dual contact BBT40 15,000 rpm spindle driven by a 15kW motor.

To see the machines in our showroom, please visit the Contact Us page and fill in your information and we will be in touch.