KDM – Focusing On The Core Of Productivity

KDM’s philosophy is to manufacture a range of machine tools by ‘focusing on the core of productivity'. The range of vertical turning and milling centres with fixed or elevating crossrails have been designed for maximum metal removal to extremely high accuracy at an affordable cost.

The KTC machines are turn only, whilst the KTM models are designed to perform high precision milling and turning operations in one machine.Equipped with standard 8 milling and 7 tuning tools and C-Axis table, KTM-12/16(F) performs various machining operations such as milling, boring, and turning operations in one set-up, drastically improving machining accuracy and productivity.

The K Series range, the newest models from KDM, includes seven machines sizes, available as turn only or with C axis and driven tools. The cost effective M or MF models, either elevating or fixed rail, can achieve high turning capability and have live spindles that perform drilling and tapping and boring operations, as well as turning.

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