FAT HACO - Ubroek about TUR MN: We know we made the right choice!

FAT Haco have recently installed a large TUR MN CNC lathe at Ubroek in the Netherlands, who have been machining for over 50 years. Ubroek has many other machines within the company and manufacture for many industries.

The TUR MN Series of high precision lathes has been designed for work pieces with diameters of up to 1550 mm. The Series also offers a wide range of steadies, turret combinations and options to suit different machine applications and will increase the volume of parts manufactured, either as one-offs or small batches.

John Hermans (CEO Ubroek): "We are a subcontractor. This means that we don’t make our own products but manufacture a lot of different products for our customers instead. Our specialities are turning, milling, boring and grinding. To carry this out, we use our extended machine park. Our work can range from axes for the paper industry to turbine axes. We do the complex and accurate work ourselves and. This shows that we have a very wide customer base.The price-quality ratio is very good with Fat Haco machines. The machine stability and the heavy-duty guides were attractive. The machines look very robust and offer a price-quality ratio that is impressive. All this is very important for us because of the precise nature of the products we make. We cannot afford to have vibrations during machining so it’s essential that the machines are solid. With Fat Haco, we know we made the right choice.

Watch John Hermans explain more.

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