Vertical Machining Centres - G Series




The G Series range of machine tools has received the internationally recognised “ Good Design 2012 Award “, acknowledging the advances made in energy usage and space saving. Through the continued use of hand scraped box-way slides, gear driven spindles and 16M pulse encoders,the G Series maintains the high accuracy, prolonged tool life, quality and machining capability of the well proven F Series. Smoother and faster operation has been achieved by selective use of carbon fibre panels, cooled ballscrews, twin drives and improved swarf management.

The G Series of machines is fitted with the latest Kitamura Arumatik Mi CNC control. This has a 19” LCD multi-function display, maintenance support system and many standard features either offered as options, or not available, on the previously fitted Fanuc 16iMB – a dual keyboard layout is included for general compatibility with Fanuc programmes.The faster transfer of data from the server, quicker processing speed (x3) and vastly improved macro calculation rate result in smoother and quicker drive performance, especially useful for high speed machining and adaptive control.

The Arumatik Mi uses the Windows®XP operating system as a user interface, offering the ability to execute programmes whilst engaging Windows® based software, including CAD/CAM systems.

Longitudinal travel X = 760mm
Cross travel Y = 455mm
Vertical travel Z = 460mm
Feeds 50M/min
Spindle Speed 40 ~ 15000 rpm