Whiston Industries Invest in Italian Manufacturer

on 30th October 2018

Whiston Industries Limited, founded in 1963 and located in the heart of the Midlands, have developed a reputation for manufacturing high quality large press tools and in being a world class manufacturer of large automotive mould and dies. They also hold a reputation for investing in their manufacturing equipment to ensure continued growth and maintaining their presence in the world’s automotive tooling marketplace.

To enhance their reputation, they have recently invested in a large gantry mill, an XS built by the top-quality Italian manufacturer Gruppo Parpas. The XS is a gantry mill which can machine parts up to 2M long. The wide range of tools and attachments, together with the capability of interchanging high speed/high torque spindle cartridges, offers maximum flexibility for processing heavy and complex components.

“The need for this machine was for its accuracy, speed and the ability to meet our production requirements in good time. It’s not just about the surface finish; it’s also about absolute accuracy as we’ve got to manufacture the top and bottom dies so that they meet together and produce an accurate consistent component” said Mr Whiston, Director, Whiston Industries Limited.

Accuracy and repeatability are the main advantages of this machine - as Paul Martin, Area Sales Manager, Leader CNC Technologies explains, “Repeatability is paramount. We’re in the 4-micron range which, for a machine 8M x 4M in size, means that it’s a very, very accurate machine. This is achieved by monitoring and compensating its thermal environment all the time - it’s specifically designed to work in the 18 degrees to 30 degrees temperature range without distortion.”

Before installation took place, there were trials to find out the temperature of the production area to enable to identify the right production environment. The XS is designed to help in manufacturing accurate parts by eliminating machine fluctuation. This is done by passing temperature-controlled air around all the gantry columns and across the top, thus ensuring all parts of the machine are kept at a constant temperature. This is a unique design feature from Gruppo Parpas and they are the only manufacturer to implement this technology.

Gruppo Parpas has devoted and manufactured some of its machine tools for the aerospace and energy industries and other market sectors. To make sure customers are fully satisfied, fully trained engineers are assigned to test and evaluate the product range to make sure that machining is at its best for the best quality and precision. Follow Leader CNC Technologies on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn for regular Gruppo Parpas updates.

For more information on Whiston Industries Limited visit them at www.whistonindustries.com