Kitamura’s High Precision 5-Axis Machining Centres

on 6th November 2018

Kitamura, a quality Japanese manufacturer is a renowned company which has been in the machine tools sector since 1933, family owned and operated, offering VMC’s, HMC’s, Bridgecentres and 5-axis machining centres.

If you machine complex parts that require the benefits of 5 axis machining technology, the Mycenter-3XT is your machine. The Mycenter-3XT has superb design features with the added benefit of a built-in, factory installed 4th/5th axis trunnion table for increased rigidity for multi-sided, multi-axis machining, even on the toughest of cuts.

The newest machine released by Kitamura, the Medcenter-5AX, was exhibited at this years’ IMTS in Chicago, showing a fresh approach to machining and automating your small, intricate part processes. Don't let the name fool you, built to mainly machine small medical parts, this highly accurate VMC can aggressively machine a wide variety of materials in a single set-up and is ideal for a wide range of complex intricate parts and micromachining applications. The Medcenter-5AX has been designed to save space with a floor area of 2M x 1.2M, perfect if space is limited within your manufacturing facilities. With a maximum spindle speed 30,000rpm and 40 tool ATC, the machine is especially perfect for the medical industry and can accommodate a maximum workpiece size Ø180 x 175mm, with a maximum weight of 20kg.

The Mytrunnion-4G, which has been installed in many companies throughout the U.K. is ideal for high precision 5-axis machining, with the sliding overhead doors providing easy access for loading and unloading of workpieces up to a diameter of Ø550mm, 400mm high and weighing up to 200kg. This super accurate 5-axis machining centre is perfect for production of small to medium complex parts in a single set-up. The highest grade of meehanite cast iron is used for its construction, providing superior vibration absorption and resulting in improved surface finishes. This newly developed machine has a dual contact BBT40 15,000 rpm spindle driven by a 15kW motor.

One of the most flexible 5-axis machines on offer is the Supercell-300G which is a multi-pallet machine aimed at the unmanned machining of small, high volume components in a single set-up, eliminating work-in-progress, high inventory and constant supervision. A 20 pallet APC unit is fitted as standard, with the possibility of expansion to 40 or 80 stations. Pallets are sized at Ø200mm, and parts up to 200mm high weighing 20kg can be processed. The standard ATC capacity is 174 tools and this can be expanded to 230, 258 or 314 tools if required, which allows for more sister tooling to be used, especially when the machine is fitted with a bigger pallet station. The high machine positional accuracy of ±0.002mm is achieved by a combination of hand scraping of machine elements during manufacture, the use of 67 million pulse encoders, Heidenhain linear scale feedback on the three X, Y & Z linear axes and ball-screw cooling.

To enhance manufacturers needs, Kitamura have launched an IoT platform partnership called ANYWHERE-REMOTE®. Kitamura manufacture high quality machine tools such as horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centres, and the IoT platform will help new and existing customers by remotely monitoring their machine tool performance and production.

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