Nomura Are Back With Their Top Quality Sliding Head Lathes!

on 31st January 2019

Here at Leader CNC Technologies we are always searching for products that lead the field when it comes to high quality sophisticated CNC machine tools. This is demonstrated by our existing principals - Toshiba Machine, Gruppo Parpas, FFG DMC and FAT Haco. Technological advances include patented solutions to eliminate thermal growth, Total Geometric Accuracy in build dispensing with electronic compensation, the use of high speed linear motors, additive machining of large parts in hard metals, and complex tooling solutions. We consider that our machine tools are inspirational but, in most cases, we are able to be competitive on price against lower quality products.

This year we have officially taken on our latest principal, Nomura, who have been manufacturing quality sliding head lathes in South Korea and Japan, where research continues, for over 70 years. Their high precision, durability and innovation are perfect for large volume production of aerospace, medical and automotive parts. Within the Nomura portfolio, they also manufacture tapping centres which are based on latest design and technology, with features not available from other manufacturers.

Over the past few years it has come to our attention that British manufacturing companies, and their production engineering departments, are being led into a restricted selection of machine tool manufacturers and representatives. Those lucky engineers who have had the opportunity to visit machine tool exhibitions such as Jimtof, IMTS and EMO will have witnessed machinery and innovation not easily available here in the U.K. The majority, however, are missing the opportunities to see this latest technology and so lose out on improving productivity that can be achieved by investing in higher quality machine tools.

In our continuing search for new technology and quality, we met Nomura DS again at IMTS in Chicago where they demonstrated once more that they are a global leader in the supply of high-quality Swiss type lathes. We are convinced that U.K. manufacturers have everything to gain and nothing to lose by seriously considering Nomura when looking at investing in sliding head machines.

The Nomura brand of sliding head machines is now being offered exclusively in U.K. / Ireland by Leader CNC Technologies. As part of this introduction and to demonstrate our confidence in these products, we are offering prospective customers the option to evaluate their components and complete time studies on components already being manufactured on similar machine tools. If these prove successful and result in an order being placed, the first 10 Nomura machines sold will be subject to a considerable discount. The joint aim of Nomura DS/Leader CNC Technologies is our incentive to establish several reference sites around the U.K. To this end we’re inviting any interested parties to take us up this offer - after all, there is nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

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