Fourth European Agent For Takumi

on 25th April 2019

In order to offer our customers, the best machining solutions and machine tools, Leader CNC Technologies is always searching for products that lead the field when it comes to high quality but value-for-money CNC products. This is demonstrated by the wide range available from our existing principals - Toshiba Machine, Gruppo Parpas, FFG DMC, FAT Haco and Nomura.

We are pleased to announce that we now represent Takumi, making us their fourth official European Agent. Takumi are based in Taichung City, Taiwan which has become a centre of excellence for technology, evidenced by the manufacture of machine tools and components for many Japanese machine tool companies. Takumi have been manufacturing high precision machine tools for over 30 years and, having established themselves in Asia, have expanded into Europe and the USA. Their product range includes vertical machining centres, 5-axis machines and bridge type machining centres, machines being available in many configurations to suit individual requirements and budgets.

The V and VC Series have four models in each range, the selection between linear or solid box guideway models dependent on the application and machining requirement. Machines are highly specified and cost effective as standard, but both ranges are available with a wide range of equipment to satisfy specific production requirements – various ATC, probing, index attachments, ball screw cooling, scale feedback, high pressure coolant, type of CNC control, etc.

The H Series of high-speed bridge mills comprises of six models. Exceptional rigidity is achieved by 4-6 roller blocks per guideway and the headstocks have been designed shorter and lighter to decrease deflection. The top roof cover has sliding sections for ease of overhead part loading and the H6 has a 30,000rpm spindle for high speed machining using small diameter tools.

The UC/U/UB range of six 5-axis models offers manufacturers high speed machining and outstanding surface finishes. The ranges cover both 4+1 and simultaneous 5-axis machining capability, the choice of model selectable on the contouring and positional features of the component. The UC/U models are of fixed trunnion with integral torque motor drives / bridge type construction, whist the larger UB model is a moving table machine with a 2-axis contouring spindle head.

The BC Series double column machining centres offer exceptional accuracy and are designed for parts that require high metal removal. Spindles are gear driven with torque rating up to 680 N.m. Various attachments can be supplied, including sub-tables, indexers, angle/universal heads, as well as machine features like ball screw cooling and probing.

For machining graphite, Takumi offer three G series models. The machines include total enclosures with filtered vacuum extraction, particle-proof linear guides and ballscrews, overlapping telescopic covers and thermal compensation. For maximum high power and speed, the larger models can be equipped with 26kW built-in spindles running at 25,000rpm.

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